Seconds Count:
Demand the 9-1-1 Service You Deserve

Are you willing to wait on hold when it's your life on the line?

9-1-1 Emergency Wait Times – Unacceptable

In recent months, 9-1-1 wait times have been as long as 4 minutes and police emergency wait times were more than 21 minutes.

Non-Emergency Wait Times – Outrageous

In some circumstances, non-emergency wait times have exceeded 5 hours. Many callers hang up before their call is even answered.

E-Comm: Under Staffed & Stretched Too Thin

In a staff survey, 73% say that the quality of service they are able to provide to the public has worsened over the last three years.

9-1-1 Operators: Burnt Out & Exhausted

Of the total police dispatch positions, 28% are vacant and more dispatchers are leaving, making the understaffing situation even worse.


Funding for more staff

E-Comm 9-1-1 urgently needs more 911 Operators to answer calls immediately when you are having an emergency. Without more funding from the municipalities that own it, E-Comm will continue to lose staff—and 9-1-1 hold times will get much worse.

Building a new funding model

The system is broken. Public safety is at stake. We need the provincial government to work with municipalities to protect this critical service by re-evaluating the long-term viability of E-Comm’s funding model. Urgent action is needed now to protect public safety and the 9-1-1 operators who answer the calls that save lives.

Training and Mental Health Support

With 9-1-1 operators already stretched to their limits due to extreme understaffing, E-Comm needs to provide more proper training and mental health support to prevent an already bad situation from getting worse.

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