Psychological Support Resources

Executive Board Update

Psychological Support Resources – Coq/RM RCMP Incident

Dear Members,

I regret to inform the membership of a critical incident that has occurred in Coquitlam that involved two members of the RCMP. One member tragically lost their life after being shot in the line of duty today, and a second is being treated for injuries. E-Comm has deployed members of the CIS team to assist and has contacted Dr. Lisa Kitt to support the CIS team with their duties.

All members are entitled to 6 free sessions with the current list of practitioners participating in the psychological support program who we have been advised are currently accepting new patients:

All the above support is billed confidentially to E-Comm and free of charge. Please identify yourself as an E-Comm employee impacted by the critical incident. We understand that these events can be a trigger for any one of our members and these supports are available to you free of charge as well.

In addition to the above, there are resources provided by:

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this tragedy, and we stand ready to give support wherever needed. Please reach out and check on each other during the next few days and encourage each other to reach out to a mental health professional to get additional support. If you have questions or want assistance being connected with support, don’t hesitate to contact us at

In solidarity,

Donald Grant