Warrior Kids Camp

Executive Board Update

Warrior Kids Camp

Dear members,

Warrior Kids Camp is an evidence-informed program developing resilience in kids aged 8 to 16 with parents impacted by Operational Stress Injuries, including emergency dispatchers.

The program has both virtual and in person options with an upcoming weekend camp May 25th and 26th – find out more below!

Warrior Kids Camp


1. Knowing They Are Not Alone

Kids increase a sense of belonging with peers who are from first-responder and military/veteran families with a parental OSI. When children and youth share feelings, thoughts and perceptions around common adversities and problems such as having a parent with an OSI not be able to participate at school or sports events children and families are provided with an opportunity to normalize their distress which can lead to reducing blame on to the parent

2. Building Coping Tools Using The Power of Play

Increasing children’s knowledge around mental health and OSIs and participating in activities related to stress and coping strategies (painting to music, clay, yoga, animal and nature and many more!) strengthens the child and family’s outlook that positive well-being can be attained and within their power.

3. Increase Knowledge Around Operational Stress Injuries

A primary goal of the Warrior Kids programs is to build clear communication around parental OSIs. This topic is explored with participants using the language of visible (i.e. broken leg) and invisible injuries (i.e. psychological hurts).

The Warrior Kids Programs support open emotional expression and clear communication around ambiguous situations connected to living with a parent impacted by an psychological injury to help families thrive. Warrior Kids programs provide opportunities for children and youth to increase knowledge on where our emotions come from and ways can we step into a coping strategy to help with mediating difficult feelings including anxiety, stress and worry.